Re: The Book - Expressive Figure Drawing:

" I received your book for Christmas, and I love it! Though currently a student at the Academy of Realist Art, I love more expressive work too. i bought materials that you suggested, and will be trying out the reed pen tomorrow at the local art association's figure drawing drop in. i was also thrilled to stumble upon your videos, when looking up what ink to use with the reed pen [Sumi ink].GREAT! work!!!
Catherine Hart, artist

"My friends and I have been enjoying both your DVD's and book"
Barbara Krantz

"Your book and video have been extremely useful to me and a lot of fun. Thank you!"
Peter Facciola, artist

I just received the book today. Wonderful! Inspiring!! Exciting!!!
C. Robin Janning, artist and poet

"It's wonderful......"
Asif Shuvro, artist

"...this book will help you open up your art and make it more creative and fluid and wonderful and enjoyable. I heartily recommend it, for artists of all levels."
Scott Kirkman
Founder, Figure-Drawing League

"Bill's book is a great supplement to his 2 DVDs. I am very happy to find an art teacher who has such a deep understanding of traditional and contemporary western art as well as a very open mind to materials, techniques and concepts from the East. I would highly recommend this book to all my fellow Sumi artists and students."
Henri Li, Sumi artist and teacher

"If you are interested in improving your drawing skills and trying new techniques - GET THIS
David Tanza, artist

Re: The new Zen Pens and Brushes:

Bill, I never thanked you for the amazing inspiration from your Zen Breakthrough video. It launched all my enso improvisations and I can't thank you enough! I recently discovered your wonderful line of zen brushes. They are awesome! I really love using them, how they look handle, hold ink and the quality of the brush strokes. You are really an asset to sumi art!!
"The Enso Art"

"Thank you so much for these pens ! They are unbelievable! Most definitely worth the wait 🙂 And the book looks amazing !
Niels Dahl Christensen, artist

"Where do I start, maybe enlightenment,inspired and excited.I was at my wits end pulling my hair out not as much as the hair falling out my brushes,then I came across on amazon this person selling brushes just what I was looking for the name stood out Bill Buchman I did a bit of research and ended up on your site ,fantastic I purchased 2 brushes from amazon thinking god I hope these are what I think they are so I emailed Sumi brush via the above with my thoughts and questions and was knocked back when I got a reply from none other than you thank you very much as now I want to purchase all you have DVD's,Brushes, Bamboo pens as I feel now you have put me on the right path.I suffer from depression and art is my escape my freedom (depression due to being in the Marines falklands war) Due to you I feel a fresh spark running through me I'm alive again and through you with your brushes books and site my life is at harmony and my art is flowing all thanks to you dont
know what else to say but keep going and if you are helping other like you have helped me it dont get better than that. only one down side to it all is you dont have workshops or exhibitions in WALES as I would be in the front row so once again thank you as a artist myself you are at the top in my eyes so keep the paint and the ink flowing I will be back on this site many times.
PS I have purchased your latest DVD and that is excellent... best on the market"-
Adrian Saich, artist

Re: Bill Buchman - Figure Drawing Teacher:

“Thank you for teaching me how to draw. Whatever I want to do, I can now do.
Nina Ransahoff, artist and student

“Best teacher I ever had--- taught me how to look at a figure, make decisions and then go for it!”
Lois Fishman, artist and student

“I have not found a drawing teacher as good as Bill anytime or anywhere.”
Betty Wiechec, artist and student

“This is a whole turnaround of my view of art - it's everything I always wanted to know but wasn't taught in art school!”
Mimi Francis, artist and student

"Bill, just a short note to thank you for your class...I came home and started the DVD and it seemed like I had not even left the room... The simplicity is very amazing, so different from other classes that I have taken. I look forward to seeing your new products and book in the months ahead."
Dr. Nancy V. Workman, Professor of English

Re: Art Is An Attitude: The Art of Figure Drawing DVD:
"Bill Buchman's DVD is exceptionally well done, and knowing that he produced it is even more impressive. This is truly an educational DVD, and the model is gorgeous, too.
Jill Hoffman-Kowal - Director of Education
Art Center Sarasota

"Life drawing...where do I start? Get the Bill Buchman award winning DVD and learn how to do it right from the best teacher."
Lyn Marnoch Lidelle, artist, Toronto

"I watched all of your video… I must say that I am impressed with regard to the professionalism of its presentation.... I want to pick up a conte crayon and try it myself J Loved your music in the background as well."
Frank Perry of Keeton's Office and Art Supply

"What a great DVD. Good job Bill. This is great stuff."
Judy Robertson, Designer

"Your DVD is the best art instructional DVD I've seen."
Natasha Joffer of Keeton's Office and Art Supply

"Your DVD is more sophisticated and more interesting visually than some of the others I've seen here."
Amanda Molnar of Art and Frame of Sarasota

"The DVD is phenomenal, ....absolutely fantastic. My favorite is exercise is your "Loop de Loop".This will be incredible to see even for someone who is not an artist . Congratulations."
Andrea Dasha Reich, Artist

"Really enjoyed the clips"

Your DVD is as good as you said. Thanks.

"I was thinking about buying and trying some sumi brushes as a way to loosen up during figure drawing sessions. I Googled "figure sumi brush" (images search) and the cover of the DVD was on the second page. The image on the cover caught my eye so I played the preview. Your website was listed so I took a look at your work; which is fantastic.I purchased your "Art is an Attitude" DVD. I truly enjoy it, the music and all the lessons. It is very informative and helpful. Your DVD addresses two current drawing goals of mine.......(1) be loose, and 2) know when to stop. I appreciate your comments on the DVD on these two topics. Thanks!"
David Tanza, Artist

Re DVD: Creative Breakout: The Art of Freedom:

The new DVD is terrific and really such a delightful way of introducing the newcomer to abstract painting and to have some fun with it also. And color, color which is wonderful. I don't know how many DVD's are out there for abstract painting but I am quite sure that this one is unique..
Sylvia Edwards, Artist

I think you'll be able to sense that I'm having more fun painting since your lessons. The painting I completed this morning speaks for itself. What can I say other than thank you for opening up infinite possibilities.
Bill Little, Artist, Arizona

I'm looking forward to using the DVD's. I learned lots from both classes so thanks for that too.
Laurie, California